Melanie day is a Melbourne professional portrait photographer.

Melanie specialises in maternity, newborn and family photography. She is a wife, a mum of two children (and two spoilt fur babies) and a wholehearted creative.

Melanie picked up her first camera at just 13 and has photographed people ever since. After an accounting and analytics career across Australia and New Zealand, the birth of her children inspired Melanie to reimagine her personal and professional journey. She launched her family photography studio to acclaim in 2016.

A continuous education, plus the application of new technology, equipment, industry standards and trends, see Melanie’s clients enjoy a first-class experience at every touchpoint of their creative experience.

About Melanie

My passion for photography began somewhere in the mid-80’s. I’d pore over images of Princess Diana, drinking in her poise, grace, and those incredible dresses. Princess Diana made way for my cats and baby sister after I bought my first 110mm film camera. Mum wasn’t off the hook either; I’d force the camera into her hands while I demonstrated my best poses, dressed in my Madonna T-shirt.

I upgraded to an SLR and studied photography in my final years of high school. Afternoons were lost to daydreams of my own darkroom, a portraiture studio, sell-out exhibitions and career highlights straight from the pages of my favourite photography magazines.

But life path zigged and zagged in other directions, and my dreams lay in waiting, ready to be rediscovered at just the right moment.

There’s no doubt the torch I carried for photography was reignited by the arrival of my children. But the real catalyst that transformed a hobby into the career I always dreamed of didn’t come without its challenges.

I took just six months off after the birth of each of my children, each time wishing with every fibre of my being that I could delay returning to my corporate job. I felt trapped and stifled – all I wanted to do was create.

When I engaged a local photographer to do a family shoot for us in the beautiful Dandenong ranges, it immediately struck me that I deserved to be as happy as her. It was pure magic. Within days I booked into a newborn photography workshop and the rest, as they say, is history.
Some even say I’ve found my calling.

I’ve always adored looking through pictures of my childhood – especially those with skewed expressions, or the tender moments caught while the guard is down. It’s my mission to make sure my children experience the same joy photographs bring, so too the clients who invite me into their lives to capture their defining moments.

There are more than memories preserved in the pages of our albums and wall art. There are reminders of the path we’ve walked in this lifetime. Complete with its delightful detours and deviations.

Smile and trust you’re in the very place you’re meant to be. Let me capture you there, just like that. It’s perfect.