There’s nothing quite as magical as bringing a new baby into this world

Those first few weeks of sleepless nights, of changing nappies and early morning feeds, are almost surreal. When my first child was born, the days passed by in an emotional blur of cuddles and feeds. I was so worried I would forget this precious time with my newborn daughter. The size of her tiny hands, the little creases in her feet and the milk spots on her button nose. I didn’t want to forget any of it.

It was at this moment I truly understood the importance of newborn photography. I had the power to capture these moments, freeze time, if just for a second, to document all these tiny details.

Newborn babies are small for such a short time and over the years, we forget all those beautiful little details. So, my vision for newborn photography is to capture all the precious tiny details for you.

You’ll never tire of looking back at your newborn photography and reminiscing about the journey you and your newborn have travelled together.

My Approach

Newborn babies grow so quickly! So, my goal is to capture the fleeting moments and tiny details for you. My style of newborn photography is relaxed and calm and the focus of the newborn photography session is on capturing authentic moments, genuine connections and treasured keepsakes of you and your new baby.

All newborn photography sessions are held in my studio in Clyde North, Melbourne. The studio is homely, welcoming, and filled with a range of props, wraps, blankets, and accessories.

It’s important your newborn baby’s photography shoot reflects your taste and style, so I have a wide variety for you to choose from. 

My newborn sessions are extremely popular, so to avoid disappointment it is best to secure your spot during your second trimester. 

Then, once your newborn baby arrives, simply contact me so we can schedule your baby’s photography session.

The perfect age for your newborn’s photography is within the first two weeks of his or her arrival so it’s best to schedule your baby’s shoot as soon as you are able. 

A newborn session lasts between 1.5 hours and 3 hours, depending on your baby’s feeding patterns and settling times. But however long it takes, I guarantee you will cherish the photographs I capture of your new baby.

Your Life in pictures

If there’s one thing I know from all my years as a photographer, it’s that you will never tire of looking at photographs of you and your newborn baby. Photographs are a permanent keepsake of your journey into parenthood and your baby’s first days with you. There’s nothing more precious than capturing those first special moments, those first cuddles and those first milky smiles.

It’s such a gift to create original artwork for my clients. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy on a new dad’s face or the tears in a new mum’s eyes when they see their baby’s photographs.

A Visual Legacy

Growing up, I loved photography. I was 13 years old when my sister was born. I adored her! She became my muse and the subject of many photographs. Even now, decades later, we still have the photographs of my baby sister, lovingly tucked away in an old album. These old photographs are her visual legacy and a treasured memento of my early days as a photographer. In the digital age it’s easy to forget the importance of printing our photographs. But these photographs aren’t just for you now. They’re for your future generations. Your great grandchildren will hold these photographs in their hands and get a tiny glimpse into their ancestors’ lives. And for that reason, creating a visual legacy is priceless.

All photography collections include the digital files as well as beautiful fine art prints. I also offer a range of professionally crafted albums and wall art.


“Great communication, warm inviting studio, beautiful newborn photos. So thankful to get them done just in time before all the Covid-19 restrictions came into effect! I’m from Geelong so was a bit of a drive up to Melanie’s studio but so worth it! And she went out of her way to make sure my printed photos got to me safely. Choosing Melanie as my photographer was the best choice and anyone looking for a newborn/family photographer can’t go wrong with Melanie! Such a talented photographer and a lovely person!”
“Very professional, lovely studio, I highly recommend. Our baby photos will be treasured forever. Thank you Melanie”
“I had such a great experience with Melanie. She has a lovely calm vibe and knew exactly how to keep my newborn settled and relaxed throughout the shoot. I absolutely love the photos and am thankful Melanie was recommended to me by my sister as she was so easy and wonderful to communicate with throughout the entire process. Will definitely use her services again in the future.”


Are you ready to create some lasting memories for your children? Book your children’s’ family photography Melbourne experience here.

Maternity SPECIAL!

Pregnancy is such a magical time of your life. Those butterfly kicks, the wonderment of watching your belly grow as your baby’s arrival looms. So, it makes sense that this special time of your life should be documented too.

And I understand the expense of preparing for a new baby. There’s a nursery to prepare, new prams, new clothes, the list is endless!

So, when you book a newborn photography session, I offer my clients the opportunity to document their pregnancy with a discounted maternity session.

A maternity mini session is just $250 when booked with your newborn’s photography session. 

These sessions are ideal between 30 to 36 weeks gestation. This is the stage of your pregnancy when your belly has a nice round bump.

I offer a selection of beautiful maternity gowns and flower crowns for you to choose from.

Alternatively, my clients receive a 15% discount on stunning rental gowns at Mama Rentals.

All maternity sessions are held in my studio in Clyde North, or at one of my beautiful outdoor locations.

A maternity mini session lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes 12 downloadable, high resolution, ready to print digital files.


Newborn photography is a popular way to celebrate a new baby’s arrival and sessions fill quickly! So, I recommend booking your newborn photography session during the second trimester of your pregnancy. A tentative booking date is scheduled around your due date and once your baby arrives, we confirm the date for your newborn session. All I ask is for you to call, text or email me so we can secure the next available session for your baby.

Although I photograph babies of all ages, most parents envision sleepy poses, cute bowls, and little beds for their baby’s session. These typical newborn poses are easier to perfect when babies are under 14 days old.

However, if for some reason you and your baby are unable to visit the studio in the first few weeks, I can still capture some delightful images of your baby in a slightly different, but beautiful, style of pose.

Absolutely! After all, these photographs aren’t just for you. These are the photographs your children will look back on too. So, I encourage all family members; Mum, Dad, brothers, and sisters to be in your newborn’s photoshoot.

Photos of your new baby with his or her siblings are a cherished keepsake of your baby’s arrival. However, because a newborn photo shoot can last up to 3 hours, it’s unrealistic to expect toddlers to remain patient. For this reason, sibling photographs with your newborn baby are taken at the beginning of the session.

After their photos, I suggest having a family member take your toddlers for a drive so we can complete the newborn session in a relaxed and calm environment.

Yes! I’ve dedicated the past 4 years to perfecting the craft of newborn photography. When you book me, you are booking an experienced professional within the photographic industry. I am an accredited professional photographer with the Australian Institute of Australian Photography and I pride myself on creating professional imagery, delivering exceptional service, and am fully insured.

As part of my AIPP accreditation, I keep abreast of newborn safety and industry standards.

I’ve also undergone newborn posing training with leading newborn photographers to ensure best practice and safety is maintained.

I am also an ANP Qualified Newborn Photographer. The Academy of Newborn Photography’s training provides an in-depth understanding of the physiology of newborn babies and the safest ways to work with these fragile human beings.

Yes! Your newborn’s safety is of utmost importance to me. I am up-to-date with my Whooping Cough and Influenza vaccinations. I also have First Aid training and a Working With Children card.

The studio is located at my home in Clyde North, just 45kms from Melbourne’s CBD. The studio is cosy, warm, spotlessly clean, and perfectly setup for newborn photography. Everything needed for beautiful newborn photography is here. My studio is an Aladdin’s cave! It’s full of beautiful props and accessories to use during your baby’s photo session.

Newborn photography sessions are available only on weekdays and ideally, within the first two weeks of your baby’s arrival.

The newborn shoot begins early to mid-morning as babies tend to be more settled in the mornings.